Link 7 Jan PowerPoint Tip : Fix Your Crooked Lines»

There’s a fine line between paying attention to details and having the ability to get things done quickly.  This should help you do both.

Link 31 Oct Steve's eulogy »
Photo 29 Oct Who will be the next innovator?

Who will be the next innovator?

Link 29 Oct 6 notes Do you believe in Karma?»

Ironically insensitive and hilarious.  Do you believe in Karma? I do.

Link 29 Oct Rules of Engagement for protesters»
Video 27 Oct


Photo 26 Oct
Link 20 Oct Occupy Seattle stimulating the economy?»

Let’s hope these cops will spend those OT checks at local bars and shops so we can create some jobs.

Link 20 Oct Epic Winter 2012? I sure hope so.»

It’s hard to put a lot of confidence into these initial reports, but it sure doesn’t hurt in getting us amped up for the winter. 

Link 19 Oct Stop Already With the F*cking "Infographics"»

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